On law and politics of the Swedish gambling monopoly
One of the most prevailing Swedish myths is that the public Swedish gambling monopoly is designed to limit gambling and thereby prevent detrimental public health effects. Nowadays, there is an overwhelming consensus that, during the last 20 years or so, there has never been a true public ambition to limit gambling.Back in the day, the marketing budget of the state controlled gaming services reached new heights every year and the range of products offered grew broader and broader. This market strategy still prevails.

The Government policy came to create a culture of gambling. This culture together with a world class level of internet penetration, a flourish-ing climate for tech innovations, access to venture capital and a lenient stock market, were to set strong incentives for the establishment of highly successful private gambling operators such as Betsson, Unibet and many others, all established abroad targeting Swedish customers.These companies are founded, run and owned by Swedish privates and corporations. Today, Sweden is one of the most competitive online gambling markets of the world. The only remains of the public monopoly is the marginalized prohibition to promote participation in gambling arranged in other EU member states (the marketing prohibition).

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