Ola Wiklund on BML Group ruling

Legal expert in legislative committee
FLX represented by Wiklund
Swedish Competition Authority stands down – licenseholders are left in limbo
Ola Wiklund criticizes Swedish government policy
Ola Wiklund on the current crisis of liberalism and the unfolding American mayhem

As the regulatory landscape in Sweden’s gambling market develops, the state has offered an olive branch to gambling operators by the recent announcement to employ an investigator into the black market. However, far from resolving latent questions, this development raises the question of whether the country’s gambling laws require more extensive reform.
The moment of truce?

Ola Wiklund writes about the current crisis of liberalism and the unfolding American mayhem in a homage volume for Ulf Bernitz, Professor of European Law at Stockholm University

Dr Ola Wiklund shares his thoughts on the Swedish Competition Agency’s refusal to investigate complaints from operators licensed on the Swedish gambling market. Dr Ola Wiklund maintains that the banks’ reluctance to service the Swedish gambling industry is in breach of both law and public policy

Ardalan Shekarabi risks sinking the entire licensing system.​ Under the false pretence of protecting players during the coronavirus pandemic, the Swedish government has proposed temporary legislation intended to strengthen the market position of the state-controlled operators Svenska Spel and ATG whilst weakening the position of online casino operators.

BML Group ruled not to have exploited player's addiction, Ola Wiklund leaves in comments in VIXIOGamblingCompliance and shares his thoughts on what a similar situation under the license system could mean.
The reception process in Sweden and Norway

Ola Wiklund writes about the reception process in Sweden and Norway in the book “A Europe of Rights: The Impact of the ECHR on National Legal Systems”, published by Oxford University Press.

If one is to develop the criticism that the High Court has exceeded its constitutional authority through its judgments, the endeavour requires some form of rational argumentation including an analysis of application of constitutional law, theoretical premises, the High Court’s societal role, as well as developments in wider society

Judges’ positive, law-making function occurs within a framework of legal rules wherein gaps, normative conflicts, and ambiguities arise. The judge aims to resolve such problems of interpretation through a process which, in some sense, both recreates and affirms the legal structure, and thereafter invokes a range of legal arguments in order to justify the solution of the legal question at hand.

Wiklund Law represented the founders of FLX, the most successful film and tv production company in Sweden.
Taking judges’ values seriously
Truth and fiction in gambling cases
Malta-licensed operatorsto fight Austrian illegalgambling lawsuit
Concerning the High Court’s legislative action – is the court running amok?

Legal claims against international operators for alleged illegal gambling in Austria represents a “jurisdictional overreach”, according to prominent Swedish igaming lawyer Ola Wiklund.
Loot Box Gambling – a lottery?

A recent report by the Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket) suggests that the business model underlying so-called loot boxes is problematic in regard to children and vulnerable consumers. Subsequently, the Swedish Ministry of Finance has issued a referral of the Consumer Agency’s report to a legislative committee (the Gambling Market Inquiry).

Truth and fiction in the Supreme Administrative Court's application of the principle of proportionality in gambling cases.​

Dr Wiklund has been an assigned legal expert in the legislative committee of Constitutional Torts. The Committee of Inquiry was to consider an expansion of the compensation from public authorities for damage caused by violations of Chapter 2 of the Constitution, and whether the right to compensation should be regulated in law.

One of the most prevailing Swedish myths is that the public Swedish gambling monopoly is designed to limit gambling and thereby prevent detrimental public health effects. Nowadays, there is an overwhelming consensus that, during the last 20 years or so, there has never been a true public ambitionto limit gambling.
On Law and Politics of the Swedish Gambling Monopoly
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