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The moment of truce?

Sweden has offered an olive branch to operators by hiring a black-market investigator, but do the country’s gambling laws need rewriting?

Both sides had positive responses after the government appointed Gunnar Larsson, director general of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. But despite the hopeful reaction, particulars of the so-called “Larsson inquiry” remain sparse, and as the adage goes, the devil is in the detail, as Wiklund law partner, Ola Wiklund, knows only too well.

“Minister Shekarabi suggests that a well-functioning gaming market presupposes that unlicensed gaming companies are excluded from the Swedish gaming market and wants to identify obstacles and propose solutions to enable more effective supervision of illegal gambling.”

“His statement is indeed confusing. Unlicensed gambling is not illegal in Sweden, as long as the services aren’t directed to the Swedish market. The SGA has made this clear. It’s also important to point out that legal principles on jurisdiction and sovereignty create unsurmountable obstacles for Sweden to enforce sanctions against companies established in other EU states.”

“The Swedish government is practically blocked from interfering in the marketplace of another sovereign state. This is the reality Mr Shekarabi has to live with,” Wiklund concluded.

Read the full article, published on EGR on the 1 of December 2020.

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