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Law and politics.

Ola Wiklund on BML Group ruling

BML Group ruled not to have exploited player's addiction, Ola Wiklund leaves in comments in VIXIOGamblingCompliance and shares his thoughts on what a similar situation under the license system could mean.


Ola Wiklund on the current crisis of liberalism and the unfolding American mayhem

Ola Wiklund writes about the current crisis of liberalism and the unfolding American mayhem in a homage volume for Ulf Bernitz, Professor of European Law at Stockholm University


Malta-licensed operators

to fight Austrian illegal

gambling lawsuit

Legal claims against international operators for alleged illegal gambling in Austria represents a “jurisdictional overreach”, according to prominent Swedish igaming lawyer Ola Wiklund.



Swedish Competition Authority stands down – licenseholders are left in limbo

Ola Wiklund shares his thoughts on the refusal of the Swedish Competition Agency to investigate complaints from operators licensed on the Swedish gambling market.


The moment of truce?

Sweden has offered an olive branch to operators by hiring a black-market investigator, but do the country’s gambling laws need rewriting?

Both sides had positive responses after the government appointed Gunnar Larsson, director general of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. But despite the hopeful reaction, particulars of the so-called “Larsson inquiry” remain sparse, and as the adage goes, the devil is in the detail, as Wiklund law partner, Ola Wiklund, knows only too well.


Legal expert in legislative committee

Dr Wiklund has been an assigned legal expert in the legislative committee of Constitutional Torts. The Committee of Inquiry was to consider an expansion of the compensation from public authorities for damage caused by violations of Chapter 2 of the Constitution, and whether the right to compensation should be regulated in law.


Ola Wiklund criticizes Swedish government policy

Under the false pretence of protecting players during the coronavirus pandemic, the Swedish government has proposed temporary legislation that’s designed to strengthen the market position of the state-controlled operators Svenska Spel and ATG and weaken the position of online casino operators.


Loot Box Gambling – a lottery?

The Swedish Consumer Agency’s report suggests there may be problems with the business model for loot boxes in relation to children and vulnerable consumers. Subsequently, the Swedish Ministry of Finance has referred the Swedish Consumer Agency’s report on loot boxes to a legislative committee. This agency claims that if the winnings in a loot box can be turned into cash, it is a lottery, covered by the Gaming Act.


FLX represented by Wiklund

SF Studios has acquired a majority share of the production company FLX, one of the most successful production companies in Sweden. Wiklund Law represented the founders of FLX, the most successful film and tv production company in Sweden.


The reception process in Sweden and Norway

Ola Wiklund writes about the reception process in Sweden and Norway in the book “A Europe of Rights: The Impact of the ECHR on National Legal Systems”, published by Oxford University Press.


Myth and reality in gambling cases

Swedish governments have for over 30 years pursued a gambling policy that has more or less aimed to strengthen the treasury. A key prerequisite for the policy has been to give the state-owned and controlled gaming companies Svenska Spel and ATG considerable commercial leeway.


On Law and Politics of the Swedish Gambling Monopoly

One of the most prevailing Swedish myths is that the public Swedish gambling monopoly is designed to limit gambling and thereby prevent detrimental public health effects. Nowadays, there is an overwhelming consensus that, during the last 20 years or so, there has never been a true public ambition

to limit gambling.


Om Högsta domstolens rättsskapande verksamhet — löper domstolen amok?

Ska man underbygga en kritik om att HD överskridit sin konstitutionella behörighet i sitt dömande kräver detta någon form av rationell argumentation som inbegriper en analys av den konstitutionella rättstillämpningen teoretiska premisser, HD:s samhälleliga roll och förändringar i det omgivande samhället.


Om att ta domarens värderingar på allvar

Domarens rättsskapande verksamhet sker inom ramen för en struktur av rättsregler inom vilken luckor, konflikter, mångtydighet och vaghet upp-står. Domaren löser tolkningsproblem genom en process som i någon mening återskapar och bekräftar den rättsliga strukturen och för att sen åberopa ett antal rättsliga argument som syftar till att rättfärdiga lösningen av rättsfrågan.




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